The Book

The Street is a book that defies categories. It is many things. It is inspiring and heart-breaking. It shows us the darkness as it turns on the light. It emphasizes doctrine while breaking the traditional mold.
The Street is a story about a long-time evangelist who is convinced to give up the road to become the senior pastor of a small church in a violent and crime ridden neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.
The Street is a series of 16 dreams and visions given to this new pastor by God to help him navigate through the darkness of his new mission field.
The Street is a series of 16 teachings from the Book of Romans to help all of us to navigate through the darkness of this sin-filled world.
The Street is an exhortation to learn from God’s word just how God wants us to live in this world that is starving for truth. The exhortation goes beyond filling our heads with wisdom. God also wants that knowledge to fill our hearts with love for him and His lost sheep.